Mercer County Commission West Virginia

Planning Commission

The Mercer County Planning Commission is dedicated to improving the lives of the citizens of Mercer County, WV by creating, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive strategy that will ultimately lead to economic, cultural, and community growth opportunities.

This Commission is comprised of individuals from throughout the County that are uniquely qualified to assess the local conditions, identify the capacity of opportunities, plan for those opportunities, implement strategies designed to change our currently community climate, and evaluate our progress over time. In doing so, we will also be willing to work on sustaining these efforts over time, and doing so in a culturally acceptable fashion.

In building our comprehensive plan, we must identify land that is not intended for urban growth and set goals and programs for growth/decline management. We must identify plans and program to promote the sense of community, character, and identity of Mercer County as a whole. We will identify specific resources for historical preservation, and mark preferred development areas, as well as renewal and/or redevelopment.

We are chartered with developing a financial program for goals and objectives that need public financing and we will develop the action items needed to implement these strategies.

The Planning Commission will work to develop a timeline that will showcase how we meet our short and long term goals and objectives and identify programs to encourage regional planning for the community as a whole.

A list of the Planning Commission and their terms is as follows:

Greg Puckett - Commissioner
Term expires 12/31/2020

ONE YEAR TERMS (Expires 9/30/2016)
Jamie Null – Mercer County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Robert Farley - Princeton Chamber
Will Stafford - Attorney, Brewster Morehouse and Cameron.

TWO YEAR TERMS (Expired 9/30/2017)
Janet Bailey - MCEDA
Chandler Swope - Swope Construction (PRESIDENT)
Bill Hopkins - First Community Bank

THREE YEAR TERMS (Expires 9/30/2018)
Phillip Ball - Attorney, Smith - Lilly and Ball
Morris Clyburn
John Scott, Jr.
Skip Crane

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